Commercial Odor Solutions

Odor Eliminator

Odor Eliminator Concentrate contains a new odor counteraction technology that has proven to eliminate even the strongest odors from businesses and homes. Unpleasant odors from smoke, feces, vomit, garbage, grease traps, septic systems are eliminated.

Urine Free

Urine Free™ is widely used in homes around the world, providing the perfect remedy to both new and old urine deposits. Urine Free™ removes the fine deposits of urine crystals which are invisible to the human eye. Safe to use on virtually any material, stains and odors are permanently removed. Containing billions of natural microbes, these bacteria use urine crystals as a food source and consume them through a completely natural and safe process known as bioremediation. Urine Free™ can be used on both hard and soft surfaces, including tile, carpet, bedding, and more.


FlowFresh™ is the most cost-effective, and natural urinal treatment solution on the market today. Flowfresh™ removes uric acid crystal build-up in urinals and drain lines allowing urinals to function properly. ​Eliminates even strong urine odors from the urinal drainage system!


EnviroWash contains a beneficial blend of bacteria which break down decaying organic matter that causes foul smells. It is perfect to spray on dumpster areas, bathrooms, outdoor patios, or any place where bad odors persist.