Urinal drain line issues

Flow Fresh® is THE Urinal Treatment Solution:

Removes uric crystal build up in urinals and drain lines, removes mineral build ups on the porcelain surfaces and deodorises at the same time. (Available in liquid and GEL)

Softens and removes uric crystals from the urinals and drain lines, therefore preventing blockages, backups and smells.

  • Cost effective
  • Removes the need for de-scaling
  • Reduces blockages
  • Keeps smells down
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to use – can be dosed via dispensers or use as a drip solution or Gel solution

Flow Fresh® can also be dispensed from large containers and pumped by special pumps behind large urinal banks.

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Urine Odor

Our Urinefree can be used anywhere where its needed, in WCs, urinals, in laundry to eliminate urine stains, to remove stale smelling alcohol from wooden bar counters, to remove vomit smells and stains, on carpets and upholstery plus many more.

Wherever there is urine – ourBio Enzymatic formula that breaks the composition of the uric acid crystals.

When treated at source, the urine odor and stains can be removed, thus making your facility clean and fresh.

Urine odors also emanate from urinals – Using EB’s Flow Fresh® system in screens, Gel or drip form, will solve the odor problems and keep lines flowing freely too! NO MORE DRAIN BLOCKAGES IN URINALS!!!!

This program can be carried out by our technicians (See www.envirologik.com for franchising information) or you can choose to purchase the product UrineFREE® and instigate your own regime.(www.urinefree.com)

See the program related to urinals and waterless urinals. We have the solution that is both cost effective and solves the problem that has always been an issue. Try it and you will see. (refer to urinefree.com for more details on the program)

The program is effective in all types of WC’s , care homes, schools, bedding, clothing, furniture, pets training, pet accidents, carpet stains and even works well on vomit stains, odours and blood stains.

To see is to believe the power of bio remediation!!

keeping recommendations will be made to ensure a fresh smelling facility

Whether the problem is large or small, EB can advise on a solution for you.