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Environmental Biotech is a global product and service provider delivering environmentally appropriate green solutions to drainage, waste water and FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) problems for business, commercial and municipal entities. 
(EBI) has been in the field of bio-remediation since 1990. Our laboratory has worked at creating an exact strain of live vegetative bacteria to consume FOG (Fats, Oils, & Grease) that get into the drain lines causing clogs & costly repairs. We are an international organization with unmatched expertise within the field of environmental waste water management.  

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Our mission is to be a solutions expert in the area of drain line and odor control situations that cause problematic pollutant discharge levels. We believe that by developing long-term relationships with our clients, we better understand their needs and thus help to develop and deliver cost effective, successful, environmentally friendly solutions.

EBI Solutions

Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions for Drains

  • Drain Lines & Grease Traps
  • Urinals and Urine Odors
  • Commercial Odor Control
  • Bar Drains and Soda Fountains

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Residential Solutions

Residential Solutions for Drains

  • Kitchen and Bath Drains
  • Urine Odors
  • Residential Odor Control

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Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

  • Dipstick Pro™ Sampler

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GES Plus™

Check out how GES Plus™ is the total drain solution for your home or facility.

The Dipstick Pro™


The DipStick Pro™ is the easy to operate core sampler used to accurately determine the amount of grease, solids or sludge in grease traps, interceptors, septic tanks, clarifiers and sludge pits.  

It is the choice of pretreatment professionals throughout the United States. 

These professionals choose the DipStick Pro™ where accurate, repeatable and defensive core samples are required of the FOG levels in grease traps, interceptors, lift stations and sludge pits.

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