Grease Recovery Units

For where space is an issue we provide and arrange for installation of GRU – Grease Recovery Units

We can size for the appropriate use on site and provide different sizes to get the job done. Even if you have a trap on site, installing a GRU can help commoditize waste oil from the wash up process thus reducing the amount of free floating oils entering your trap, thus reducing the pump outs of you trap which can be costly. The reason is less oil goes in this reducing FOG build up, and also solids are removed in the GRU and the amount of solids entering the trap will be lower too.

The GRU collects oil that can be added to the fryer oil and disposed of as a commodity and not a waste! The GRU will pay back the cost of installation over time with the revenue that can be generated from oils. Not to mention less pumping out of traps if on site … it’s a win win all the way.

GRU diagram