Flow Fresh™ Gallon – Urinal Blockage Treatment

FlowFresh™ is the most cost effective, and natural urinal treatment solution on the market today. Flowfresh™ removes uric acid crystal build up in urinals and drain lines allowing urinals to function properly.

Eliminates even strong urine odors from urinal drainage system!


Product Description

In addition to blockage issues, the urinal drain line is a major contributor of urine odors in restrooms. When the urinal flushes, the P-trap empties. When this water barrier is removed, it allows urine odors present in the drain line to now escape into the restroom.

FlowFresh™ biological screens are not your normal urinal screen. While containing a powerful odor counteractant to help immediately remove harsh odors, FlowFresh™ screens contain the same powerful bacteria to remove blockages for good.

  • Removes uric crystal build up in urinal drain lines
  • Uses environmentally friendly bacteria, instead of harsh chemicals that damage drainage piping
  • Softens and removes uric crystals from the urinals and drain line, therefore preventing blockages, backups and odors.


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