Dipstick Pro™

The DipStick Pro™ is the easy to operate core sampler used to accurately determine the amount of grease, solids or sludge in grease traps, interceptors, septic tanks, clarifiers, and sludge pits.

It is the choice of pretreatment professionals throughout the United States. These professionals choose the DipStick Pro™ where accurate, repeatable and defensive core samples are required of the FOG levels in grease traps, interceptors, lift stations, and sludge pits.

DipStick Pro™ is constructed with corrosion-resistant, machined aluminum and impact-resistant resin. The DipStick Pro™ is the only core sampler that uses a “ball valve” technology to get a true core sample.

The DipStick Pro™ also uses a T-handle and arm lever to operate the ball valve consistently. This cutting-edge technology and design ensure a true core sample that is repeatable.

DipStick Pro™ is available in a standard 10 foot (2 pieces – 6’ and 4’) length featuring an easy to operate quick couple system. Extensions are also available to order. Other core samplers, on the market, are designed with objects that restrict the sample, causing irregular results and the inability for consistent accuracy.

The DipStick Pro™ is the most durable FOG sampler available on the market today and takes an accurate sample each and every time.

Easy to Use:​

  • Simply insert DipStick Pro™ into the trap or interceptor
  • Pull actuator handle to close the ball valve and capture the sample
  • Remove DipStick Pro™ and wipe to view contents
  • Record the amount of grease, water and solids

Custom lengths are available to meet all of your measuring requirements. Call or email us for more info.

Check out this video to see how the Dipstick Pro™ works