Water Savings

Urinals use almost 30,000 gallons or 100,000 litres per year, per one unit. That is a lot of water. There is an option to move to waterless urinals, however the issue with this is bad odors and pipe blockages associated with uric acid.

Well that is no longer an issue! We have the solution.

Using our Flow Fresh Gel combined with Urine Free, odors and blockages will be a thing of the past. See the video below.

Even if you don’t convert to fully waterless urinals, you can turn down the water usage on your watered system – you will no longer have odors and blockages associated with urine. Its simple.

No complicated systems to install or major plumbing changes to be made. Just use the products in your cleaning regime and the results will speak for themselves. Your customers will thank you for it and so will your wallet!