Understanding Odors

Noxious odours

They linger around rubbish bins and refuse containers, float up from floor or sink drains, escape from cracks in plumbing and take up residence in toilets. Cigarette smoke smells plague bar areas and hotel rooms. Worse, these odours can rapidly permeate a kitchen or preparation area and drift out into dining or service areas.

EB can advise on these odors and stop them at source.
to solve these wherever they are.

  • These are areas on site that can cause bad odors affecting staff and customers
  • A Place that smells bad loses!
  • If there are bad odors lingering around there will be bad bacteria that will lead to bad hygiene and unwanted issues like vermin and other pest.
  • Stay clean stay safe stay odor free
  • A proper odor program and hygiene program to handle this effectively for you on site.
  • For service and managing your grease traps– see www.envirologik.com or for franchising see www.envirologikfranchise.com

Bins, Dumpsters, Garbage Areas and other Confined Spaces

Confined spaces are areas that have little airflow for example underground car parks or basements, or garbage areas etc. They tend to get smelly and unhygienic. EB can provide solutions in this area to eliminate the odors effectively.

These areas especially garbage areas can lead to neighbor and customer dissatisfaction and increase the likelihood of vermin and unwanted germs.

Don’t let this be an issue for you and your business. Deodorize and sanitize these areas – important in todays environment where hygienic practices are paramount

Remove cigarette smoke and all stale odours – instantly!

Vaporize® makes it easy to quickly turn any room free of all stale smells, including any trace of smoke. There is now no need to spend a fortune on redecorating a room to turn it from a smoking room into a nonsmoking room. It’s as easy as a single can of Vaporize®.

Larger areas can be handled with larger fogging systems. Talk to us about your issues.

Vaporize® turns stale and smoke effected rooms into fresh, clean rooms

INSTANTLY fogs the complete room

PERMANENTLY destroys smoke and stale odours

Can be used in boats, cars, caravans and other enclosed spaces.

Additional solutions for stale odors are included in our Product range: odor eliminator, misting, fogging, fresh discs, along with other solutions that can be used to help with stale odours – call us for more information. Ask us for more details about your issues

For service – see www.envirologik.com or for franchising see www.envirologikfranchise.com

What people say

“In January 2008, A large Hotel Chain converted 5500 Premier Inn former smoking rooms to non-smoking rooms over a 24 hour period, using ‘Vaporize®’. To date we have suffered no invocations due to lingering smoke odours. Thank you for your support and training prior to the implementation of the programme.”
Tony Reddy (Maintenance Manager)
Whitbread PLC – covering Premier Inns.

“We love Vaporize® – the smoke and odoreliminator, I would definitely recommend this valuable solution for anyone in the hotel industry, it really works.”
Stuart R. Newmark, CHA, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Grand Bohemian Hotel, Orlando, Fla