Sanitizing and Fogging

In todays Environment, especially with the world having stopped with COVID 19 – facilities should not compromise. Health and hygiene are now a necessity and no longer a luxury. If you want your facilities to be made safe and create a program for regular sanitization you need to speak with us.

We have developed systems and disinfectants that will help kill COVID 19 and other dangerous viruses, mould, fungi and more – Don’t chance it. Solve it.

If you want a place de-odorised or sanitized – we should be your first choice! In todays time of uncertainty DON’T compromise on Sanitizing. We have the program ideal to suit you -with both odor control and disinfection

  • We use electrostatic fogging equipment to positively charge our disinfectant solution B Clean to fog the facilities – the positive charge allows the product to stick to all surfaces creating a protecting film on all surfaces thus providing a germ free environment within the facility and area fogged.
  • We have developed can fogging systems for both odors and sanitizing needs that can be used everywhere from care homes, homes, boats, cars, motorhomes, ambulances, restaurants, kitchens, hotlel rooms
  • EB / Envirologik ( can also carry out commercial fogging using hand foggers or large drum foggers.
  • BE Safe rather than sorry.