Urine Free – 32oz

Urine Free™ fast acting, revolutionary, microbial cleaner permanently removes urine stains and odors regardless of their age. Its safe fast acting formula eliminates the source of the odor or stain problem. Urine deposits in and around urinals are the leading cause of odors in facility restrooms.


Product Description

Whether you’re a pet owner, toilet training a toddler, working in healthcare, carpet cleaning or the plumbing industry, urine stains and odors can become unhygienic, foul-smelling problems, if left untreated. To better understand urine’s potency and why it can be so difficult to clean up, we need to understand that urine contains non-soluble uric acid crystals, which present the biggest challenge to removing urine from surfaces and fabrics.

These crystals embed themselves into any surface and are resistant to even the toughest general cleaning products. It is these crystals that are left behind that retain the stain and the lingering urine smell.
Unlike general cleaners, Urine Free™ has a unique bio-enzymatic formula which digests these urine deposits, including the uric acid crystals, eliminating both the urine stain and the urine odor for good.

  • Urine Free™ will clean and remove ALL urine odors and stains whether it be dog, cat or other animal urine as well as human urine for those occasional accidents.
  • Urine Free™ will permanently remove urine from almost all soft surfaces, such as carpets, fabrics and mattresses, as well as hard surfaces including timber, ceramic, marble and concrete. It is also highly effective with removing urine from synthetic grass and outside areas.
  • Urine Free™ is water-based so will do no more damage to surfaces, such as wood, carpets or upholstery than water would. It contains no harsh or hazardous ingredients, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly and is perfectly safe to use around humans and animals.