Flow Fresh Gel

Flow Fresh Bio-Enzymatic Gel is a fast-acting cleaner made to cling to the inside of drains and urinals to eliminate odors and improve flow. Flow Fresh Bio-Enzymatic Gel provides complete drain maintenance for urinals/toilets, drains, grease traps, and garbage disposals. Additionally, Flow Fresh Bio-Enzymatic Gel will eradicate pesky Drain Flies by eliminating their food source and breeding grounds.


Product Description

Flow Fresh Bio-Enzymatic Gel uses non-pathogenic, naturally occurring bacteria that produce enzymes to consume organic wastes. Organic materials produced by people and pets are the most common causes of pipe blockages and foul drain odors.

Flow Fresh Bio-Enzymatic Gel is an eco-friendly product that is non-caustic and safe for all plumbing. Flow Fresh Bio-Enzymatic Gel will eliminate residues from urine, vomit, blood, grass stains and other organic material leaving bathrooms and drains clean and fresh.

Available in 32 fl. oz. bottles.


  • Urinals/Commodes: Squirt 2 – 4 oz. around the inside of the urinal or commode after cleaning.
  • Drains: Squirt 2-4 oz into the restroom or other drains once a week.
  • Garbage Disposals: Add 2-4 oz around the edge of the drain coating the sides. Apply weekly.
  • Grease Traps: Add 4-6 oz daily to the drainpipes closet to the grease trap, then flush with a cup of warm water. For traps larger than 20 cubic feet, apply 8-10 oz. daily.
  • Drain Flies: Flow Fresh Gel can be used to treat for drain flies by adding 2-4 oz. to each drain twice a week, coating the sides. This eliminates the food source and breeding grounds of the flies.