Urinal Screens

Our Flow Fresh™ Urinal Screens contain patented blends of bacteria and a specialized odor eliminator that destroys odors and blockages caused by urine—at the source. Keeps drains and urinals free-flowing by eliminating insoluble uric acid crystals, which are the common cause of urinal blockages. Flow Fresh™ Urinal Screens use environmentally friendly bacteria, instead of harsh chemicals that can damage drainage piping. Flow Fresh™ Urinal Screens eliminate the need for caustic or harsh chemicals allowing for the natural removal of unwanted buildup.

  • Place this device in the urinal for constant freshness and clean drains.
  • Flow Fresh™ is now in our Urinal Screens for added benefit to the urinal. It works to stop solids, helps against smells and works against urine on contact.
  • Use to complement Flow Fresh™ Urinal Dispensing System.


Product Description


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