Grease Blast Dispenser (NEW)

New system developed for versatility – There is a peristaltic pump that pumps 30 ML ( 1 OZ) / min (one shot).

For example to empty a gallon in  approx. 30 days – program for 4 mins per day.

System can be programed as required to allow as many shots as required per 24 hour period.

It will fit a 1 US Gallon container or 5 liter container.

The system operated on D Cell Batteries (not included) or rechargeable battery (included with US charger- Can be used in Europe with a US adaptor.)

If used to empty a gallon or 5 liter unit per month – rechargeable battery life can be up to 90 days before a charge.

You can alternate use from one battery type to the other – at the flick of a switch.

The is a slot in the front door to check fluid levels without having to open the unit.


Product Description

The case is a sturdy painted Aluminum case 16.5in high. 12.5in wide and 7in deep. It has holes in the back to allow for the case to be screwed onto wall, and also to allow the tubing (6 ft included) to come out the side to lead to where ever the fluid needs to be dispensed to.

Box is lockable and comes with 2 keys.


Sharp image/ easy to install and program/ ideal for installation in kitchens and more.


Refer to Instruction for details of set up and programming. Link below:


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