Drain Blast – 0.5 Gallon

Drain Blast™ contains a powerful odor counteractant that eliminates even the severest odors at their source.

Drain Blast™ helps to reduce pests, such as drain flies, in the plumbing system, by eliminating the organic matter where these pests live and breed.


Product Description

How to use Drain Blast™

Preventative Maintenance in a Commercial Situation: Apply two capfuls each week directly into each drain to keep drain lines open and flowing freely. Drain Blast™ Biological Drain Treatment will help reduce sugars, starches, soap scum, and other organic accumulation in the drainage system which causes costly back-ups.

Slow Flowing Drains: Apply 1-2 capfuls per day into each slow drain. Repeat as necessary for up to five days.

Soda Fountain Drains: Apply 1-2 capfuls per week directly into the soda fountain drain pan. Repeat as necessary.

Drain Blast™ can also be used with Environmental Biotech’s Micro Drip Systems.


  • Uses the power of Mother Nature to remove organic blockages in the drainage systems.
  • Our special formula digests organic masses with a highly effective blend of active, beneficial bacteria.
  • Contains no harsh chemicals that can damage the drainage system
  • Safe to use on all plumbing
  • Eliminates rancid odors in drain lines and home garbage disposals
  • Completely cleans and deodorizes the entire plumbing system
  • Completely removes soap scum blockages from sink and shower drains
  • Reduces pests that live and breed in the drainage system


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