Commercial Solutions

grease in drain line

EBI uses state of the art technology to harness the power of bioremediation, which is a natural process in which bacteria consume grease, sugars and other organics that are commonly the cause of commercial drainage blockages. These vegetative bacteria are non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and most importantly alive. Most other products on the market use non-vegetative bacteria called spores. Some spores require an extensive amount of time to germinate and become active, which is why a lot of products found on the market simply do not work.  


Drain Lines and Grease Traps

Because grease and fats float on water, they coagulate on the roof and walls of your drain line, while sugar and starch settle on the bottom until it becomes blocked. Foul odors become prevalent, drain fly’s breed, grease traps or interceptors need frequent cleaning and leach fields frequently clog. Finally, heavy waste flows create pollution resulting in fines and surcharges. 

Using EB's pure vegetative bacteria will result in the elimination of drain line failures and expensive equipment and repair costs for the facility.


Urinals and Urine Odors

FlowFresh™ is the most cost-effective, and natural urinal treatment solution on the market today. Flowfresh™ removes uric acid crystal build-up in urinals and drain lines allowing urinals to function properly.  ​

Eliminates even strong urine odors from the urinal drainage system! 

In addition to blockage issues, the urinal drain line is a major contributor to urine odors in restrooms. When the urinal flushes, the P-trap empties. When this water barrier is removed, it allows urine odors present in the drain line to now escape into the restroom.  


FlowFresh™ biological screens are not your normal urinal screen. While containing a powerful odor counteractant to help immediately remove harsh odors, FlowFresh™  screens contain the same urinal blockage eliminating biologicals to eliminate blockages for good. 


Commercial Odor Control

  Stomach-churning odors from drains, urinals and garbage areas are a nuisance that no facility wants to deal with. Often times, visiting customers will perceive the facility to be dirty and unsanitary just because their nose is telling them something is afoul. Using the right odor control products combined with EB's vast knowledge will ensure offensive odors are eliminated for good. 

​Most odor control products on the market are masking agents. These chemicals temporarily trick the brain into smelling only peach blossoms and not the accident Fluffy left in the corner.  EB uses pure natural essential oils that act as odor counteractants to change the odor on a molecular level, eliminating it permanently. Or at least until Fluffy returns.  

True odor elimination is only achieved when the source of the odor is removed.  

In several odor control products, EB harnesses the power of science, using several specific blends of bacteria designed to remediate the source of the odor. This combined with the odor eliminating essential oils ensures the offensive odors are eliminated every time.  


Bar Drains and Soda Fountains

  Sugars from alcohol and soft drink syrups will build-up and rapidly clog a drain line in bar drains and soda dispensers. Because of the size and location, it is very difficult for these lines to be cleaned through mechanical processes such as jetting or routing. These types of mechanical processes can also easily damage a drainage system, causing the soda fountains to be inoperable. Cleaning chemicals that are normally used to clean and sanitize bar surfaces and floors do not break up or eliminate the blockages. Harsh chemicals often destroy the drain line or simply just move the problem farther down the drainage system. These sugar build-ups produce a terrible odor which annoys staff and cause customers to perceive the facility is unclean.