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Remove cigarette smoke and stale odors instantly.


Vaporize® makes it easy to quickly turn any room free of all stale smells, including any trace of smoke. There is now no need to spend a fortune on redecorating a room to turn it from a smoking room into a non-smoking room. It’s as easy as a single can of Vaporize®.

• Vaporize® turns stale and smoke effected rooms into
fresh, clean rooms.

• INSTANTLY fogs the complete room

• PERMANENTLY destroys smoke and stale odors

How to use:
Simply place the fogger on the floor of the room containing tobacco (or other) odor, press a button and exit for ten minutes. Upon return, the smell is neutralized and the room is left smelling mountain fresh.

Why is Vaporize® better that an ordinary air freshener?
Vaporize® works differently from most air fresheners that dispense a perfume into the air to mask unpleasant odors. Its active ingredients are essential oils such as eucalyptus, which encapsulate the smoke particles and so effectively render them odorless. Vaporize is capable of deodorizing
a room up to 30ft x 30ft.

“I couldn’t believe how efficiently Vaporize® worked – in 10 minutes the room was free of smoke smells”

“We love Vaporize®– the smoke and odor eliminator, I would definitely recommend this valuable solution for anyone in the hotel industry, it really works.“
Stuart R. Newmark, CHA, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Grand Bohemian Hotel, Orlando, Fla

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