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Odor Control

“We love Vaporize®– the smoke and odor eliminator, I would definitely recommend this valuable solution for anyone in the hotel industry, it really works.“
Stuart R. Newmark, CHA, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Grand Bohemian Hotel, Orlando, Fla

Remove cigarette smoke and all stale odors – instantly!

Vaporize® makes it easy to quickly turn any room free of all stale smells, including any trace of smoke. There is now no need to spend a fortune on redecorating a room to turn it from a smoking room into a nonsmoking room. It’s as easy as a single can of Vaporize®.

Vaporize® turns stale and smoke effected rooms into fresh, clean rooms

INSTANTLY fogs the complete room

PERMANENTLY destroys smoke and stale odors

Can be used in boats, cars, caravans and other enclosed spaces.

Additional solutions for stale odors are included in our Product range: odor eliminator, misting, fogging, fresh discs, along with other solutions that can be used to help with stale odors – call us for more information.
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