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Fog Education

Grease Summits

Environmental Biotech believes in educating on issues concerning FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease). Once people understand the issues they are better equipped to deal with the problems.

Environmental Biotech has been involved in education on FOG, via its Grease Summit, for many years. Environmental Biotech has completed 22+ years of Grease Summits and has educated hundreds of Wastewater professional in FOG issues.

Past Locations of Grease Summits:

• United Kingdom

• Australia

• Mexico

• East Africa

Most Recent:

Combined Grease Summit with APWA (American Public Works Association) and Environmental Biotech of Washington & Oregon at Belleview City Hall, Belleview Washington April 2011.

The Grease Summit is an 8 hour program discussing the issues, what situations are out there, design discussion, problem solving, inspection requirements, and city ordinances. Participants can receive CEU's for the 8 hour Grease Summit.

A Mini Grease Summit has also been developed that can be covered in approximately 2 hours. This program can be utilized by departments, small individual groups or simply a one on one presentation.
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